Want to know who checks your Facebook profile?

Due to the amount of requests to the event “who visits your profile” and fake posts in the Facebook Walls, the OnlineBaires.com team set out on the quest to provide this kind of information to the most curious users.

Many people are interested in knowing how many profile visits they get, and who are those that frequently check on them. It’s important to know that Facebook does not provide this information to any programme or application; and neither does it establish statistics or profile ranking. However it does show a list of the ten last and most frequent visitors of your profile.

Where can you find this list? You don’t need to buy, e-mail, apply or send an invitation to your friends; you just have to check your profile. On the left hand side you’ll see a list of ten contacts. These are the ten people that mostly viewed your profile in the last 24 hours.

They are not listed in order, if you check now and then you’ll notice that the arrangement of the list has changed but the people haven’t. As well, when visiting other people’s profile you can find out their own most frequent visitors.

This information has been corroborated by the webmasters of OnlineBaires.com and its veracity has been confirmed for the “Friends” lists without entering the complete list. This does not apply for the “Family” list, on which this investigation has not been based.

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Translation from Angela Dickson.
With corrections from Gloria and Marian Dickson.
Original text: ¿Querés saber quién visita tu perfil de FB?
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